Gridbug: Background

Gridbug: one of the weakest and most insignificant monsters in the legendary game of NetHack. It is an appropriate name for this computer, sitting here like an insignificant bug in this remote area of the internet grid. Many thanks to ODS for the free DNS service.

NetHack has the following entry on the grid bug:

These electrically based creatures are not native to this universe. They appear to come from a world whose laws of motion are radically different from ours.

Tron looked to his mate and pilot. "I'm going to check on the beam connection, Yori. You two can keep a watch out for grid bugs." Tron paced forward along the slender catwalk that still seemed awfully insubstantial to Flynn, though he knew it to be amazingly sturdy. He gazed after Tron, asking himself what in the world a grid bug was, and hoping that the beam connection -- to which he'd given no thought whatsoever until this moment -- was healthy and sound."
     [ Tron, novel by Brian Daley, story by Steven Lisberger ]

Apparently, the grid bug was a much more dangerous creature in the Tron novel ;-)